Do You Wanna Build a Dream House?

"Come on let's go and see....🎶 "


Much like Anna's excitement and eagerness to build a snowman and her relentless plea for her sister's help, today’s homebuyers often find themselves unable to find a house that truly matches their desires. In such situations, they turn to each other and their real estate agent, asking, "Do you want to build instead?"

Reasons for Building:

This desire to build can stem from various sources—perhaps you've always dreamt of building your home, or you have specific lifestyle needs that existing homes can't meet. Maybe you crave privacy and seclusion on a vast piece of land, or your passion is deeply rooted in the home-building industry. There could be countless reasons, each holding its own unique value. Personally, I believe that building a home is one of the most rewarding endeavors, as the end product becomes a personal, tailor-made space that meets your daily needs.


It's important to note that there are multiple approaches to achieving this goal. The steps I'm about to outline represent one path to success, which I've seen work effectively. However, there may be exceptions and alternative approaches that suit specific circumstances.

Getting Started - Land & Location:

When it comes to selecting the right land, think about where you genuinely want to be. Consider proximity to work, school districts, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, recreational activities, stores, and your social circle. Does the location offer the views or terrain you desire? Ensure that the area aligns with your ideal lifestyle by making a list of your day-to-day activities and needs in your new home.

If you're looking for land with utilities, carefully assess whether the available utilities match your preferences. Gas vs. electric, well or city water, and city sewer or septic are important considerations. For raw land, factor in the logistics and costs of incorporating utilities into your planning.

Site: Blueprints & Construction:

Once utilities and site improvements are in order, it's time to translate your vision into blueprints. Be deliberate about your space, ensuring it meets your daily needs. While grand entrances are impressive, most people find themselves using the garage entry more frequently. Think about practical aspects like outlet placement in the kitchen and the orientation of the kitchen island. Consider past irritations and joys in previous homes as you plan—build a home that works with you, not against you.

There's an abundance of online home plans to explore and even CAD (computer-aided design) programs to draft your own plans. Alternatively, meeting with an architect, builder, and designer can streamline this stage and transform your ideas into reality. Sometimes, walking the property and outlining your desires with a spray can help visualize your dream home.

Thought Process: Under Construction:

The building process can be a passionate journey for some and a stretch of capacity for others, with most people falling somewhere in between. Remember, there's no right or wrong approach. What matters is achieving your dream of building the perfect home for you.


It's worth noting that there are many amazing homes currently on the market, each with its unique charm. Your dream home may be a well-maintained colonial or a mid-century rancher, or it could be a property tucked away in an abandoned pasture. Regardless of its form, your dream home is out there. And if it isn't, let's build it together.

Get ready, get set... Let me know when you're ready to take the next step.

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