"Hey Siri, what am I doing?"

Siri, Alexa, Google, and whoever else is listing I've been thinking:


In our modern world, we've outsourced almost every inconvenience, big or small, from our daily routines. You wake up to daily affirmations on your phone, order groceries for quick pick-up, and have clothing delivered monthly. Bills are on autopay, and a dog walker is just a click away. You find cookbook-level recipes on Pinterest, and our cars can drive themselves, even scheduling oil changes. Mops and vacuums know our floor plans well enough to clean without us. The idea is simple: these innovations aim to reduce the ongoing annoyances of daily life.

Think about it—how many times a day do you Google, ask Alexa, or wonder, "Is there an app for that?" It's the essence of our time.

If you remember "The Clap On Clap Off Lights" from 1985, who could have foreseen that "Alexa, turn on the living room lights" would be just around the corner in 2017?

Any streamlined activity today has its origins in a more cumbersome past. Through trial and error, we've identified problems, tested solutions, and perfected them for our convenience. These solutions are now packaged for our use.

For those who willingly embrace change and innovation, the hope is that they gain more time for the things they want to do, rather than being bogged down by the things they need to do.

Now, in the context of real estate, you might expect a sales pitch and a list of statistics on why you should use a realtor, but let's take a different approach. I implore you to ask yourself what you're willing to leverage and what you're willing to let go of. 

That question could be chalked up to a 15 minute reflection with the radio in the background stuck in 5pm traffic. Or you might need 10 minutes before bed for a month. And I am not one to judge if it takes school sized white boards with mind maps, circles and arrows, a good stock of expo markers resulting in a mission statements, objectives and goals on them. At the end of the day your vision is yours.

Your vision is the destination.

And the values are the directions.

Let your Mission be the Vehicle.

Get ready, get set... Let me know when you're ready to take the next step.

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